Illegal Immigration: Granting Amnesty

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Tony crossed the Mexican border with his family when he was eight years old because his family wanted a better life financially and educationally. Tony, who graduated from high school with a 3.8 grade point average, has missed several chances on scholarships because of his status as an illegal immigrant. Along with financial difficulties, his family has to live without their father because his father came earlier to earn money for their crossing which caused him to get deported from the United States. Tony, along with his two siblings, will have to wait twenty years to see his father again (Tony). They are not the only family, who has had these problems, and with Arizona’s new, immigration law, immigrants are required to have documents on them always, and police can stop whoever they think might be in the country illegally (Archibold). Although the immigration laws are in place to protect U.S. citizens, they can directly affect immigrants in a negative way and refuse them basic human rights.

Students who are unable to become a U.S. Citizen should not have difficulty, obtaining a quality education. States such as Georgia and Colorado ban in state tuition to illegal residents forcing them to pay out of state cost of tuition for the particular college (Finaid). Thomas Rudin, senior vice president for the College Board, stated that, "We absolutely believe it's important for opening up economic opportunities.” Federal legislation known as the Dream Act would allow illegal immigrants who entered the United States, when they were fifteen or younger and have been a resident for five or more years, to have conditional legal status when they graduate from high school (“College Board”). Even though this bill would help these stu...

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