Illegal Immigration Essay

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Illegal immigration is a complex issue that impacts the United States in many different ways, in particular the economy of the country is one that is impacted the most (Illegal immigration a $113 billion a year drain on U.S. taxpayers). Sanctuary cities have provided many safeguards to keep undocumented immigrants from being deported, thus creating many incentives for people outside the United States that are thinking of coming to the United States illegally. Illegal immigration is caused in part by sanctuary cities. Illegal immigration has had a long history in the United States since the 1800s (Historical Timeline). However, from the 1980s until present are the times in which the issue of illegal immigrations has become more visible (Historical…show more content…
Hospitals, schools and jails are now facing more visitors each year than what they used to due to the increase of population within their communities (Campbell). However, it is also important to note that not all undocumented immigrants avoid or are able to avoid having to pay U.S. taxes and contribute to social security even though they will not be able to use such benefit (Campbell). In fact, in some cities and states the economic burden that public services now face due to illegal immigration is barely felt. For example, a study conducted in North Carolina in 2004 found that 65 percent of undocumented immigrants working in North Carolina paid taxes, this brought a total tax revenue of $756 million to the State of North Caroline from undocumented immigrants alone (Campbell). During the same year the total cost of public hospitals, public schools, and jails for the whole state accumulated to $817 million, which means that the majority of undocumented immigrants were contributing to help pay for the resources of public services during that year in North Carolina. However, other states such as California are actually feeling the burden because the influx of undocumented immigrants in California is much higher than North Carolina and there are not as many undocumented immigrants paying taxes as there are in North Carolina
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