Illegal Immigration

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Is it moral to abuse, harass, separate a family, or brutally deport a man who has worked for the betterment of American society? “We the People…” – these three words that shaped American society all started with a few disgruntled colonists who wanted a better life. We were all immigrants at one point too; however, it seems to be that America has forgotten its past and does not realize that it was once in the same position as many illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants come to America to pursue “the American dream”, looking for a better life for their family. Immigrants have enriched our culture and added to the great nation we are today. With about 13 million immigrants, illegal immigration is a growing problem that the United States must address, and the United States government should provide amnesty to preserve national security, jumpstart the economy, and ensure these immigrants a better life (Haerens et al. 23).
Is illegal immigration immoral? A majority of illegal immigrants are poor, get no governmental benefits and have no education. Essentially, they do not get the human rights that we believe in as Americans even though ultimately, they are a very integral part of America. Many Americans are misinformed that illegal immigrants hurt the economy, but in fact, illegal immigrants make a net surplus of about $30 billion dollars annually, according to the Urban Institute (Haerens et al. 29). Because illegal immigration is growing at such a rapid pace, the United States government must make a policy decision about illegal immigration now.
Today, deportation, imprisonment, and border security are generally used as methods to combat illegal immigration, but these methods are unethical and ineffective. Deportation condi...

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...e our ethics with intimidation and isolation. Farouk Abdel-Muhti, an illegal immigrant detained after the post-9/11 policies, addressed the unethical treatment of illegal immigrants in “Detentions and Torture: Building Resistance”. He was held in an immigration detention where he was beaten, harassed, and denied proper medical care (Haerens et al. 92). Amnesty is the only way to help illegal immigrants and prevent these civil violations.
Ultimately, illegals are not parasites; they are people who help the world go around. The growing problem of illegal immigration can only be solved by amnesty, which would preserve national security, jumpstart the economy, and protect human rights.

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