Illegal Immigration

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Many illegal immigrants are pouring into the United States. Pro-immigration rallies and anti-immigration rallies alternated with equal fervor this spring, while the number of illegal people living in the country continues to grow the census tells us that is close to 10 million people. A pending amendment to the constitution threatens to make illegal passage a felony; any person that tries to cross the border illegally will be place in jail and sent back to their country. As a form to control illegal passage the government is trying to build a wall across the southern border. The Minutemen Project is a group of armed civilians that patrols the border to draw attention to the problem of uncontrolled illegal immigration from Mexico into the United States. A few southwestern talk radio stations voice their shrill support for the Minutemen. Illegal immigration is present and it is growing very rapidly. Many Americans believe that illegal immigrates possess a threat to our economy or better yet to our security.

The arguments can be confusing. Anti-immigration groups ask us to consider our self-interest as Americans, claiming that illegal immigrants are stealing jobs and benefits from citizens. Pro-immigration groups, by default, concede the question of self-interest to their opponents. They ask Americans to consider the broken homes deported immigrants leave behind, and the tragedy of those who die crossing the desert, mountains and river from Mexico. So which is it? Should we protect our jobs and our taxes, or be moved by the predicament of those who seek refuge while we allow our country to be overrun?

It’s a trick question. In one respect, the anti-immigration groups are correct: Americans should consider their self-interest when ...

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... a white Protestant from Pennsylvania, or a Mexican landscaper from Nevada? The socialized elements of the United States economy amount to stealing, that’s true. But the beneficiary is irrelevant. The problem is with these socialized elements, not immigration.

The groups that are so eager to save America from illegal immigrants don’t present a very convincing case that America needs saving. Willing workers are flooding America, making production cheaper, better, and more efficient, and giving government programs whopping subsidies that they don’t deserve. Meanwhile, they’re bringing with them Latin dance clubs and Mexican restaurants and enthusiasm for life in America. Immigration is good for the country. If anti-immigration groups are really after American self-interest, they should open their eyes to the tremendous benefits that free immigration offers to America.

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