Illegal Immigrants are Destroying Our Schools

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A huge crisis looms right in front of this country, yet the United States’ politicians do not even take notice. Millions of illegal aliens receive free education every day and it costs the country billions of dollars. California spends most of this money, but Texas does not sit far behind. Not only will this bankrupt and destroy one of the best education systems in the world, but it will also encourage more and more illegals to bring their children to America. Why would anyone expect the situation to be any different? If a car dealership decided to give away cars for one week to anyone that came to the front door there would be no shortage of people lining up outside the gate. Allowing illegal immigrants to continuously take advantage of America’s education system continues to cut the legs out from under this country both financially and educationally. If economists took one thing away from the Great Depression, it should be that losing billions of dollars in a short amount of time causes colossal problems. Everyday in America that is precisely what continues to happen. One day the country will pay for it, but until then, America continues to limp along. The statistics of how much America actually spends could cause even Bill Gates to take a step back. In an article in The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, the situation is summed up quite horrifyingly: “The U.S. Census Bureau just released 2008 figures showing the national average total per-pupil funding from all revenue sources was $12,028” (Izumi). The article goes on to calculate that “if one multiplies $12,028 by the roughly 3.7 million students [almost all living in Texas and California] with illegal-immigrant parents, then one gets a national total funding cost of $44.5... ... middle of paper ... ...ating illegal aliens, but for now America continues to thow them its future. Works Cited Beck, Glenn. Arguing With Idiots. New York: Mercury Radio Arts, Inc. 2009. Print. Carney, James. “School’s Out?” Time 147.14 (1996):39. Academic Search Complete. Web. 5 Nov. 2013. Cavanagh, Sean. “Texas Schools Fear Deep Cuts In State Budget.” Education Week 30.20 (2011): 23-26. Academic Search Complete. Web. 6 Nov. 2013. “Illegal Immigrants Cause Public School Crisis.” Judicialwatch. 11 March 2008. Web. 5 Nov 2013. Izumi, Lance T. "Educating Illegal Immigrants Costly." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The (GA) 18 Aug. 2010, First Replate; The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Opinion: A13. NewsBank. Web. 7 Nov. 2013. Wood, Daniel B. “What Is Cost Of Closing Classrooms To Illegals?.” Christian Science Monitor May 1996: 1. Academic Search Complete. Web. 5 Nov. 2013.

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