Illegal Immigrants and Healthcare

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841 words

The healthcare reform has been changing the usual life in both social and economic aspects of not only the residents but also the immigrants. Illegal immigration has both negative and positive impacts on different parts of the health economy. There have been many controversial opinions related to undocumented immigrants and their unofficial “grants” in health care system. With the healthcare reform in progress, it pushes the question further in term of both economic and political platforms. First of all, as we all know but not quite believe, according to the ACA, undocumented immigrants shall have no federal coverage. They are not mandatory to purchase a form of health insurance, thus are not under any penalty for not being uninsured. However, there are previously existed extensions on this as they can “remain eligible for emergency care under federal law” and are also “eligible for Emergency Medicaid if low-income.” For the fact that the undocumented immigrants are not required health coverage under the law, employers tend to hire them to save on budget. Illegal immigrants are believed to have limited access to healthcare resources due to their low socioeconomic background, limited English proficiency, and their concerns of having problems with immigration officials, etc. Nevertheless, the most important consideration is the nature high costs of health care and the erosion of health insurance coverage. Most if not all illegal immigrants are uninsured, as they have limited sources on public healthcare and their employers also do not responsible for offering them health coverage, their lack of health insurance therefore force them to face serious barriers to medical care and pay more out-of-pocket or they have to reach for private... ... middle of paper ... ... for the controversial question would take extremely long time for the never ending debates on the involved ground of political and healthcare reform. Works Cited 1. Mukherjee, Sy. “Why Undocumented Immigrants Should Have Access To Taxpayer-Funded Health Care”. May 24, 2013. Apr 15, 2014. 2. Waslin, Michele. “Including Immigrants in Health Care Reform Makes Economic Sense”. July 15, 2009. Apr 15, 2014. 3. Somashekhar, Sandhya. “You’re already paying for some undocumented immigrants’ health care”. June 14, 2013. Apr 16, 2013.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that if there is no proper law that is substantial on justifiable deportation or strictly force illegal aliens to pay for their expensive treatment bills, the financial hardship will be the biggest problems in healthcare system.
  • Opines that the ongoing aca of healthcare reform would have a considerable effect on the livings of both legal residence and illegal aliens.
  • Opines that mukherjee, sy, should have access to taxpayer-funded health care for undocumented immigrants.
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