Illegal Immigrants and Border Security

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Table of Contents Current Situation in the United States 4 Drug Wars: Emphasis in Immigration 4 Human Trafficking 5 Gangs 6 Conclusion 7 Works Cited 7 Current Situation in the United States According to the independent Center for Immigration Studies, in January 2000 there were 7 million illegal aliens living in the United States and the center estimated that number to grow by half a million a year (Peak, 2009, pg. 245). Based on this fact, the reality is that the minority has turn into a majority and has fulfilled the melting pot. Peak explains that ever since the incident of 9/11 the country has taken precaution and other measures to challenge in protecting borders. This even was a remarkable time of history for many citizens and changed the views of the government’s actions. During recent years, the U.S Customs and Border Protection has taken action, they have unified with the Department of Homeland Security and Law Enforcement to manage, control and protect the U.S borders at and between the official ports of entry. Drug Wars: Emphasis in Immigration In order to prevent illegal drugs from coming in thru the U.S, police officials are in charge of investigating who is responsible for trafficking drugs to the U.S. Recently, the Center for Investigating Reporting found that Americans are taken into custody eighty percent of the time in drug-related arrest at the American border, as Mexican drug cartels favor national because customs would not suspect them (Moore, 2013). According to Moore, with emphasis in immigration, it is revealed that four out of every five such arrests is that of a U.S citizen. Basically, U.S citizens are also taken charge for their illicit activities, not only undocumented. In addition the sour... ... middle of paper ... .... Judicial Watch. (2009, January 30). Illegal Immigrant Gangs Commit Most U.S. Crime. Retrieved from Corruption Chronicles : Moore, J. (2013, March 29). US citizens make up 80% of drug arrests at Mexican border. Retrieved from RT Question More: Peak, K. J. (2009). Policing in America: Challenges and Best Practtices. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education. Sherman, C. (2012, July 17). More Illegal Immmigrants from India Crossing the Border. Retrieved from NBC News: The White House . (2014). 2013 National Drug Control Strategy. Retrieved from Office of the National Drug Control Policy:
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