Illegal Immigrants : The United States

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The United States borders have failed in keeping Americans safe, and denying entry from illegal people. Illegal immigrants enter the country each day. Illegals do not pay taxes and take away jobs from actual citizens. Illegal immigrants also pose a huge threat for national security. Along with illegal immigrants entering the country, some bring drugs, and illegal substances and weapons. Terrorist organizations also bring in hundreds of illegal radicals each year. The United States must crack down on this issue, strengthening our borders, as well as implementing background checks. If policies are put into places that make the United States more secure, the nation 's security and well being will be drastically improved. Illegal immigrants have made the IRS fraudulent in terms of not reporting illegal tax payers just so they can collect money (Hrenchir). This causes thousands of illegal immigrants to fly under the radar because the IRS refuses to report them. When someone enters the United States illegally they bypass all of the duties an ordinary citizen has. These duties include but are not limited to paying taxes, voting, jury duty, and registering for the war. The American system is designed in such a way that the citizens have to give into the system to reap the benefits, if thousands of immigrants are not giving into the system they are negatively affecting the rest of the country. These American responsibilities help the country run smoothly and operate at maximum potential. If these duties are skipped by thousands of people who reap the benefits of America, it is taking away from growth and prosperity. The United States must crack down on these issues, securing the borders, and making sure that citizens are legal so that th... ... middle of paper ... ...them to become addicted to drugs, and using non registered guns for violence. Radicals easily entering the country citizens or not, pose huge threats for the nation 's security. Terror attacks happen countless times each year, taking the lives of innocent Americans. The United States needs a change in policy to strengthen our borders, have more in depth background checks, and make it increasingly more difficult to enter this country and become a citizen. Once these policies are implemented America 's economy will be much stronger. The system is at maximum effectiveness when all the people are contributing to the country. Currently the United States uses a “Catch & Release” system for illegals caught entering the country. This policy needs to be abolished so that immigrants understand that stiff consequences await if they are caught entering the country illegally.
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