Illegal Immigrants : The United States

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For several years, the United States has experienced difficulty with the problem of illegal immigrants crossing the border. Often these illegal immigrants come in search for jobs with higher wages that they were not able to find in Mexico, or in hopes to start a better life in the land of opportunities. Recently, advocates have been demanding citizenship for all illegal immigrants currently living in the United States, however several of the illegal immigrants are willing to settle for a pass that would at least allow them to work legally in the states. This is because their main goal is to earn enough money to send to their families in Mexico, and usually plan on returning once they have gathered enough to live comfortably in their homeland. Although their intentions remain righteous, the increasing population of incoming illegal immigrants is more likely to cause the United States economy to suffer in terms of unemployment, welfare, and education. Illegal immigrants come to the states with the idea of obtaining a decent paying job; however they are usually unskilled with little to no education, leaving them with limited job options. As a result, illegal immigrants settle for whatever job available despite the low wages, which in turn leaves them with the need for help with daily necessities like food. Studies demonstrate that “29 percent of immigrant-headed households use at least one major welfare program, compared with 18 percent for native households”, and with the population of illegal immigrants surging through the sky, that number will rise (Telzrow 27). Welfare rising will also attract undocumented immigrants to bring their family to the United States with the idea of providing them a comfortable life o... ... middle of paper ... ...intentions causes problems with the economy and the accumulating population. The United States has as much fault for allowing a clear future complication to continue to grow as if it was a moderate issue. Now that the economy is beginning to feel the pressure, it is important for the U.S. to commit wise choices about the illegal immigration. Starting off with the root problem at the border, the United States will benefit in the long run if it invests in securing it. As for the undocumented immigrants already residing in the U.S., they should at the very least receive a working pass to work legally, however it is more fair to grant citizenship to those who have settled a family and life in the United States already. A halt to illegal immigration will benefit the U.S. and future immigrants who migrate legally for employment, allowing a more stable living for citizens.
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