Illegal Immigrants Should Be Paid

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In America, illegal immigrants are bounded by the dreams of reaching the top of the ladder of luxury, but reality comes in and kicks them down to the ground of poverty. In Shipler’s book, The Working Poor: Invisible in America, he addresses the fact that illegal immigrants are not receiving the equality that they deserve, but they are being treated as slaves only to enter the country to work harder than most Americans and be paid half as much. Illegal immigrants should be paid equally for their work, and they should be given rights equal to that of other Americans. In general, illegal immigrants come in America for the search of opportunity; illegal immigrants want to abandon their hard life that they leave behind in their original country. In entering a new country, so their hope is that they will not have to live in suffering, anymore. But, the harsh conditions that they had in their past life still remain, even when they do enter the United States. In his book, Shipler states, “Where immigrants have come seeking lives of plenty, they bring their deprivation with them, creating islands of hardship amid the surging tides of prosperity” (Shipler). Shipler admits that immigrants come into a new country to find a better life, but they still lack material benefits; they still struggle. Furthermore, in some parts of America illegal immigrants are being treated unfairly because they do not get paid as much as they should. The wages are very low compared to Americans doing similar work, even if they work the hardest out of all the employees of the business. Shipler in his book talks about a young woman named Candalaria, who works for a sewing company and receives payments by sewing jeans and makes only 5 cents for each fly she sews ... ... middle of paper ... ... real problems are. The ideas, Shipler is trying to get across to his readers are very serious, and still are major problems to this present day. The staggering hopelessness of illegal immigrants, who come into America and try to make a living, in the hope of gaining some achievements that they couldn’t receive in their original country, are having more problems now, than before. Concluding, illegal immigrants are being trapped in a whirlpool of suffering and poverty. Because they are being mistreated and being paid in such an unfair amount of wages. Those are some of the key reasons why they should be treated with respect because they are working harder than some of the American-born workers do and they are being used to work for others personal gains. And, those are the main reasons Shipler exploits because they are very important and need to be resolved.

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