Illegal Drug Use, Illegal Prostitution, and Money Laundering

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I. Illegal Drug Use

There are many illegal drugs ranging from stimulants including cocaine, drugs with mixed effects such as marijuana, or depressants that include Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate the (University of California, n. d). The particular consequences vary according to the drug. University of California (n. d) notes that most drugs have an addictive consequence after being used for only a few instances. Marijuana can become addictive, as well. Over four million U. S citizens are drug addicts. Addiction to drugs is a debilitating illness that can kill if an individual does not stop its use. Apart from death, drug abuse may interfere with academics, health, and relationships the (University of California, n. d).

In spite of stringent anti – drug regulations, a new study indicates that the United States has the biggest level of illegal drug consumption in the globe (Warner, 2008). The survey was conducted by the World Health Organization on the use of legal and illegal drugs in seventeen nations that included the Netherlands, among other countries with less tough drug regulations. This study revealed that the U.S.A has the highest use of marijuana and cocaine. For instance, the report noted that U. S citizens have a more likelihood to use cocaine as compared to New Zealanders (16 percent versus 4 percent) (Warner, 2008). The use of marijuana is the leading globally, and the USA has the highest use at 42.4 percent. On the contrary, in the Netherlands, a country with less stringent drug policy compared to the United States, only 1.9 percent of its citizens reported to consume cocaine and 19.8 percent recorded that they use marijuana (Warner, 2008). The use of illegal drugs across the globe is not evenly distributed and does not r...

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