Igt Leadership Model

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IGT is very particular of its brand image and sometimes ignores the value of building strong relationships with clients and prospects. The company is a high performance firm but if focuses on relationship building with others especially externally, it will help IGT to get more business and generate high revenue. 3) Collaborate for success – The third skill of a self-leader is to collaborate for success. This is where self-leaders take the initiative to get the direction and support they need to achieve their goals. Collaborate for success is where self-leaders take the initiative to get direction and support to achieve their goal. Self-leaders should diagnose their problems on their own. I was working with IGT, I had an opportunity to apply…show more content…
These traits are effective and not to forget team members are highly influenced by their respective leaders. Motivation model applied by IGT is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs - Maslow 's hierarchy of needs assumes that people are motivated to satisfy five levels of needs. This hierarchical structure suggests that the five needs are arranged in order of importance. It starts with physiological needs. (Loh, Schapper, Wrathall 2000) According to Maslow’s theory, when needs at the first level are satisfied, it will no longer be the motivator. 1. Physiological, - These are the most basic necessities of human survival. These needs include food, water, shelter and rest. Maslow strongly argued that if these needs were not met, then people devote all their needs to fulfilling them. IGT ensures that employees are paid best of the wages that help take care of their physiological needs 2. Security, - As per Maslow once the physiological needs are met, people focus on their security and safety needs. IGT ensures safety for all the employees at all times. For example – for anyone to enter the building an access is required. Regular maintenance checks are done in the elevators. Employees feel safe when they are at
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