Igor I. Sikorsky's Invention of the Helicoptor and it's Benficial Effects

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Igor I. Sikorsky invented, and flew, the first working helicopter in 1939. The helicopter had a great impact on the world back in the early 1940’s and still even today. It has many different uses and is important to the American society. Igor Sikorsky and the invention of the helicopter had an important impact on the way people traveled.
The helicopter was invented by Igor Sikorsky. Igor Sikorsky was born May 25, 1989 in the Kiev, Russian Empire. Igor’s father’s name was Ivan Alexis Sikorsky and his profession was a psychiatrist. His mother’s name was Zinaida Stepanovna Temryuk-Cherkasova Sikorskaya and she was a physician. Igor married Olga Fyodorovna Simkovitch had one child with her and then they got a divorce. Igor then married Elisabeth Semion in 1924 and they had 4 children together. Igor formed an interest in aviation when he was twelve years old. He also constructed a small rubber helicopter at age twelve and he constructed and mini helicopter that was powered by a rubber band. Igor was a good student in school, and graduated from the naval college in St. Petersburg. Igor attended the University Of National Technical University Of Ukraine. Igor then moved to the United States for work opportunities. Igor found a job at the United Aircraft Corporation in 1928 which was the same year Igor became a United States citizen. While working he invented many different kinds of helicopters, which included a four engine helicopter called the S-40 which Igor named “The American Clipper” in 1931. In 1935 Igor released the S-42 and named it “The Clipper”. Igor retired but still advised his aviation company. Igor won many awards in both Russia and the United States. On October 26, 1972 Igor Sikorsky passed away in Easton Connecticut at ag...

... middle of paper ... and his invention of the helicopter had an important impact on the way people travel.

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