Ignorance of a School Master

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As a learner it is very important that you take charge of your own learning by coordinating the thinking skills, having the ability to develop your capabilities and also having self-generated opinions, emotional state, and actions that are planned and constantly adapted. Rancière’s educational principle of the equality of intelligence makes empowered learning possible as it motivates learners to perform tasks, find meaning in the tasks, and feels competent to perform them on their own. Rancière in the book The ignorance of a school master uses the case story of Joseph Jacotot who was a French teacher who did not know Flemish but had to teach a group of Flemish students French. Since he didn’t know Flemish himself, he had the challenge of teaching these students French however because the learners were self-regulated they were able to do even more than what was expected of them with the little that the teacher had provided them. The purpose of this essay is to argue whether Rancière’s educational principle of the equality of intelligence makes significant and empowered learning possible or not and also provide reasons and facts.
Infants learn by making mistakes and learning from them and regardless of gender, social condition, and skin colour they are able to understand and speak the language of their parents, however, this kind of general intelligence of self-instruction is not regarded as formal education, it is that a student needs guidance of an expert. Hence we have schools where there are educators/teachers who introduce us to the “adult knowledge”. Rather than giving lectures, teachers are facilitators of learning, providing learners with the information and tools needed to master a subject. From the time to time, teachers a...

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...ave a particular way of learning that encourages them to work individually and also be accountable, in order to be open minded and this will also help the learner to develop their understanding. The student is more important so If a student does not wish to learn then there will be no effective learning, and thus the teacher's presence is void. Though if the student wishes to learn, effective learning will take place regardless of whether the teacher is present or not.

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