Ignorance Vs Truth

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The question of whether ignorance is bliss or the truth will set you free is a difficult one to answer. Although countless films have debated it, frequently they conclude with the viewer being able to clearly see both sides of the argument. That being said, the truth seems to always be the best option. In what we have seen so far the main character goes through learning some truth, often after a hard journey of acceptance, but sometimes also faced with a journey to be accepted. The truth was often hard to truly accept, but benefited the main characters in some way. The truth is able to bring you knowledge and can lead to power, valuable knowledge comes from knowing the truth, and one can find their true purpose once learning their truth.

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Often, valuable knowledge is learned when you find the truth. In Allegory of the cave by Plato the escaped prisoner came out of the cave with just shadows to see the real world. This was obviously a big deal to find out the truth about his entire life being essentially a lie and pretty hard to accept but, we can presume that the outside world was a whole lot more beautiful than inside a cave with just shadows as your world. One thing that comes from finding out the truth is that you have more of a freedom to make your own choices. When you are in the ignorant world you just go through the motions and follow what you have been taught your whole life but when you accept the truth you are able to make your own decisions and educate…show more content…
An example of this is in Oedipus, one could argue that if Oedipus did not know his prophecy he would have never gone to Thebes and killed his father or married his mother but in reality if Oedipus knew his prophecy he could have just not killed or married anyone for a little bit in case it was his parents. Although Oedipus didn’t, since he knew his prophecy he could have easily just not killed or married anyone in case they were his parents, so the truth could have helped him. Another example of Ignorance being bliss is contentedness. In all the pieces we read so far (Oedipus Rex, The Matrix, and Allegory of the cave) one could argue that the main characters were all perfectly happy before finding the truth, they lived their lives perfectly fine without knowing the truth even if it wasn’t in the “real” world. Although they were able to happily live in the ignorance, the truth was always more beautiful or better in some way and knowing the truth can set you
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