Ignorance And Confidence In Annie Proulx's 'The Shipping News'

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“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence “Mark. In Annie Proulx’s The Shipping News the main character Quoyle suffers from a lack of confidence which had started when he was very young being picked on at school and getting harassed at home by his father and brother they were the ones responsible for Quoyles terrible self-image. Quoyles experiences made him think that he cannot do anything right and thinks he will never amount to anything. Quoyle changes from a quiet introvert to a confident individual as a result of finding gainful employment, bonding with his daughters, and falling in love.
By bonding with his daughters Quoyle changes from a quiet introvert to a confident individual. It was a big day for Quoyle sending Bunny off to school, he did not know what was going to happen and the last thing he wanted was for Bunny to have the same experience as he did. Quoyle went to go pick up bunny “How did it go?” he asked Quoyle was terrified he was going to get an answer that reminded him of his schooldays. To Quoyles surprise Bunny said that “It was fun.” he was relieved that she had a great time. Quoyle was more than happy that Bunny was not like him, when he was in school. Bunny’s experience at school changed Quoyle, this is because he knows that maybe school is not such a bad time, and he is not worried about Bunny that much which gives him less stress and in turn boost his confidence. Also by bonding with his Quoyle is able to stand up for him. Quoyle and Billy Pretty were hanging out when Billy said “I doubt a man can bring up two little girls on his own,” Quoyle had no reaction. After hearing what Billy had said Quoyle did not stand up for himself instead he pretended like he did not hear anything. ...

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...the school bus. The school bus would drop the girl at the paper. She could tidy up papers while Agnis’s nephew finished up his work. Whatever he does. Writes things down. Don’t seem too heavy a work for a man, Mrs. Herold Prowse doesn’t need to walk all that way in the weather. She’s got her hooks out for him.” Quoyle loves spending time with Wavey and this is why he goes out of this way to give her rides so they can be alone together. Quoyle and Wavey were never close but because of the stuff that Quoyle is doing they are coming closer and closer. Wavey is the one person that Quoyle loves to have a conversation with he can open up to her like no one else this is because of the similarities they share. Often Quoyle was a very introverted individual but when he was around Wavey he was more relaxed and really could talk to her which amplified his confidence.

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