Igbo Tribe In Things Fall Apart

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740 words

The first demonstration of an Ibo value in Things Fall Apart, occurs when Okonkwo’s daughter becomes severely ill with fever (iba), and is taken to Agabala, the Oracle; a god and prophet of the Ibo people. Achebe demonstrated the beliefs of the people by introducing and characterizing the Oracle as a well respected, religious figure of power and authority. The author also uses his native diction to emphasize the importance and realism of the Oracle to the clan. The relationship and respect shared between the Ibo people and their religious figures is proof that Achebe exhibited the value of religion successfully. The relationships in the Ibo tribe are necessary throughout Achebe’s novel. The clan develops relationships by age and gender, the men and elderly being highly respected, whereas, women are viewed as less and the childbearers. In the Ibo clan’s individualized families, Polygyny is acutely common, making an average Ibo family quite large. In Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo’s family included three wives and 8 children, whom he regularly becomes angered with and beat, and its regularity is accepted as normal. Ibo relationships can also be formed by the social status of the male, based on wealth that is …show more content…

Throughout the novel, Okonkwo is never physically alone. Okonkwo is always with a friend or family member, making community a hidden value in Achebe’s story. Community to the Ibo includes physical presence, as well as, folktales and proverbs often told or shared by the clan. A clear display of the importance of the folktales is Ikemefuna’s chanted song from when he was a child. Several other songs and chants are mentioned throughout the novel by fellow community members, or children singing about the weather. Similar to other values, Achebe uses his native diction to add verisimilitude and realism into the culture’s

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how achebe demonstrated the ibo value in things fall apart when okonkwo's daughter becomes ill with fever and is taken to agabala, the oracle, a god and prophet.
  • Analyzes how achebe demonstrates the ibo core values of relationship, the yam, and social status, through careful coordination and understanding of the culture.
  • Analyzes how achebe reveals the weightiness of the yam to the reader through exaggerated, but truthful, consequences.
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