If Zora Neale Hurston Were Alive

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If Zora Neale Hurston Were Alive

Oprah Winfrey has twisted the whole book Their Eyes Were Watching God and made a movie which consists of some major changes. Janie’s character changed completely in the book than in the movie, also her relationship with friends and her companions. Oprah reiterates some major parts which also concluded how the hurricane happened which did not last long as it did in the book, symbolism also differed in the movie and some major symbols remained as noticeable as it was in the book. Winfrey changed the whole meaning of the title even though she did not change the title Winfrey made the meaning different when everybody watched God instead of just Janie. Zora Neale Hurston would have been disappointed if she still lived due to the fact that Oprah has remade her book and made it her own version which differed from Zora’s novel.

Janie Crawford in the movie Their Eyes Were Watching God and Janie in the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God differed tremendously in character. While reading the novel everyone would have read that Janie a young mixed female who did not come from much money, she never met her parents and Janie tries really hard to find herself even through some of the obstacles she faces. Janie in the book never like she equaled to the men she married because she already knew she was not above or better in any way . That was really the only time Janie really said something that was disrespectful and out of the way. Watching the movie everyone should see a major change in Janie’s whole character Oprah made Janie a more outspoken, uncouth, and a gallant person who had a different personality. Janie in the book would have never been so rude to Pheoby like she acted towards her in the movie becau...

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...ld have incorporated the horizon somehow in the movie taking it out completely does not make the movie as complete.

Janie and her second husband Joe Starks did not always see eye to eye some things he did for her were really sweet and compassionate. Joe knew exactly what to say to get Janie with him “De day you puts yo’ hand in mine, Ah wouldn’t let de sun go down on us single. Ah’m uh man wid principles. You ain’t never knowed what it was to be treated lak a lady and Ah wants to be de one tuh show you” (Hurston 35). Joe says that and right then Janie has fell for him he was the one she wanted now. Joe and Janie’s relationship in the movie was very different from the book Janie had a lot to say in the movie she never kept her mouth shut. Janie had more power over Joe in the movie seemed like then Joe had over Janie. Joe was not always the best husband to Janie
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