If I Were a Boy

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"O God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things which should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other." --Reinhold Niebuhr, "The Serenity Prayer" “Well after all I would steel feel like a woman,” I thought after trying to imagine myself inside of males body. I could imagine myself having fluffy carpet all over my chest, and I would definitely hate it. I would probably try to shave it, but no; hairy chests are proof of masculinity so I would just leave it there since I could. Unfortunately it would not be only my chest, but pretty much 90% of my body I can see covered with dark and tick bushes. Guessing how I should not mind since men can be as hairy as they want, I switched my focuses to the lower parts of my new body. Having penis would not bother me at all. I would actually feel proud and powerful for no specific reason. Just the thought of having penis would boost up my happy hormones. Not that long ago I have found the quote that says: “If I had no penis, how would I pee? How would I make love? How would I think?” Having one at this point would not seam to me as a bad idea. I was excited for being in mens body for a day. I accepted it as an adventure; an adventure that will help me understand and improve my perception of different sexual orientations through female being trapped in mens body. Lets say I was very dedicated to my new sex. I was trying to imagine myself as male, and I had a feeling how everything will go slightly easier. When I would sit down I would not have to cross my legs. I would sit on the subway with my legs spread open taking up the entire seat and I would not care. (I hate when men do that.) I would not have to tak... ... middle of paper ... ...inity, femininity, and between them cannot be limited within the two simple categories of male and female. There are many different factors that attribute to the determination of sexual orientation, homophobia, heterosexuality, homosexuality, and gender identity. Life comes with an instruction for use, but everyone chooses to live their own ways. Unfortunately, we are not aware of how our society shapes us and how we are changing our lives in order to be accepted; instead of changing our world in order for it to accept us. Being homosexual, heterosexual, or transgender should be the least important determiner of someones freedom and happiness. Rebuilding world with no prejudices and stereotypes should be our greatest hope and longing where happiness would beat all inequalities, where being different would be normal, where being yourself would be most appreciated.
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