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If I could have the opportunity to bring that one person the person I would bring would be Jaleeyah. Every guy has that one girl in high school or period that they didn’t approach, and Jaleeyah is that girl. She was so beautiful, and I don’t know why I didn’t approach her. I guess I felt I wasn’t good to be with her. I feel I let my insecurities get the best of me. Instead of pushing past them I let it get the best of me, which resulted in one of my biggest regrets in my life so far. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself because I saw her talking to another guy, but I often think I am making an excuse for myself by saying that. I know deep down I should have went after her, but then again those insecurities. I know I’ve been talking about my insecurities, so I’ll tell you what they were. I thought wasn’t good enough for her. What I mean by that was that I felt I wasn’t handsome enough or dressed well enough to be with her. I realize now none of that mattered. The funny thing is that with the things I know now I can’t go back and change it. Why is that we never get insight on something until that thing has passed and we can’t do anything about it. I guess I’m saying what everyone would say. That would be “that if I knew they what I knew now things would be different.” Regret is something we all have to deal with, but I think that is the universe’s way of letting us know we are still human and we still make mistakes. That’s why if I was given the chance I would want to meet Jaleeyah again at my special place. The special place I would love to meet with her again would be this beach called Playa Precioso in the Dominican Republic which means in English precious beach. The reason I would bring her there is because the beach is so qu... ... middle of paper ... ...gret I make. I know that now and I wish I could go back in time and change what happened. I don’t fully know why she is so important to me and I can only speculate my opinion. I feel that making peace with her is just like making peace with myself. She was so pretty and amazing and one of the biggest crushes in my life. I would tell her that. This essay made me exorcise so of the demons I had inside that I never dealt with. This essay made me take a deeper reflection of myself and what is really important to me. This easy has also made me wish this wasn’t an essay that this was real and would happen in real life. I am a little more peaceful now and I guess I have found the lit bit of peace I have wanted. One of the last things I would say at the end of our conversation is Thank You. I don’t know why I would say that to her but all I know is that it would feel right.

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