Ideology and a short synopsis:

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Young Goodman Brown is a short story about young man who leaves his wife whose name is Faith, and goes in the woods for a journey and ends up meeting the devil. While he is with the devil, he witnesses people from his community who Young Goodman Brown considered them to be good Christian inhabitants, having close contact with the devil. At first, Young Goodman Brown communicates with the audience saying that he is not going to do anything the devil wishes him to do in the woods. Afterward inexplicably, Faith's hair ribbons end up in the woods, Young Goodman Brown has a small mental breakdown and keeps talking to the devil about how sin is part of the nature of humans, and they all commit sinful acts. Young Goodman Brown and his wife Faith are encouraged by the devil to join him but Young Goodman Brown persuades Faith to be a good person and keep her eyes to heaven. The story ends with Young Goodman Brown waking up in the woods and returning to his community with zero faith in humanity and dies gloomily years later.
Young Goodman Brown lives in a Puritan society where the system is i...
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