Ideology Of The Nazi Ideology

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The Nazi ideology was designed to build a new social order in German it focused on the “view that only through conflict with other races and nations could Germany prove itself worthy to establish a new German empire.” These views were not in favor of democracy nor liberalism. This ideology started from “a widespread cultural pessimism, the belief that bourgeois Europe was doomed and that a new age was beckoning.” German Nazis carried the same views and beliefs that their “world was a Darwinian jungle” and the “geopolitical idea that a successful race would only survive in this struggle if it acquired Lebensraum (living space).” To achieve this dream Germany had to set out goals; “The first of these goals was the establishment of a new political…show more content…
that these men shouldn’t be convicted for a crime they fulfilled while under the belief that what they were doing was right, it was a common belief that this was just like war on the front lines, they were getting rid of the enemy from there “homes” their “land”, it was common to understand it as a soldier killing a solider but taking it further and when looking at other cases that have minorities present that went through genocide like the Jews there’s been no prosecution on the people acting out order to kill natives the killing and enforcement of Africans into slaver no slave holding nation repyed the African decedents of the slaves that were used to build up the powerful nations we see today. What happened to the Jews was a terrible act but these elders that were a part of the acts against the Jews have lived life facing everything they have done in their 20s-30s, at the time Germany’s population had a great number of young men who can be easily influence and gain trust on one common idea. Jews are an enemy to Germans, now regretting and being faced every single day for what they did. For a 80 plus men going to jail for something he did during his impressable years is… unlawful, if lawful, it has now good roots to it because you cannot point fingers at individuals who were brainwashed and forced into doing what they did by high authority. The white men who were involved in slavery are not being persecuted or charged, slavery ended years ago and the offspring’s of this slaves are not point fingers or signing lawsuits. I believe in letting history be history and present be present as long as past does not repeat itself. Jews are not being killed anymore, Adolf Hitler who influenced the holocaust is dead, the young men who were involved did what they had to in other to save their only lives because if they resisted, they would have been seen to be part of

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