Ideology In The Government

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Ideology still plays an in important role in other America government. Ideology is difficult to define because it’s a widely use term? Ideology is a set of beliefs that guides an individual, social movement, institution based their actions on. According to Rolf Schwarz “ideology is a set of beliefs, especially the political beliefs on which people, parties or countries base their actions” ideology can’t be only use to political system, people can adopt ideology in their everyday life. “Ideology begins with the beliefs that things can be better; It is a plan to improve society” by Anthony Downs. Ideology is use in every country government, it might be different government, but ideology is still needed. Andrew Vincent as well as many authors…show more content…
According to Michael G. Roskin Adam Smith theory is the root of ideologies. “The theory of moral sentiment,” which was one of Smith classic work. Smith that the government should stay out if economy. Smith suggested all nations’ government should practice lazier Fare market. But without the government presences in the economy, won’t the nation’s economy go crazy because it has no leader to control it. Smith pointed that government presences is not need in the economy, because the economy will control itself. Smith supported that the product been made shouldn’t depend on the government, but depended on the population of the nation, which will introduce new completion from all other producers. Smith uses the word “unseen Hand” which can mean a lot of things. Michael G. Roskin describes the “unseen Hand” as somebody who purses self interest in free market. Smith love the idea of having “unseen hand” in the free market , smith added that having “ unseen hand” in the free market will benefit the nation economic, because it will provide completion among manufacture, which will make the price of the goods low for the population, while getting good quality of

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