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1. Hardin says that there are three solutions to tragedies of the commons. Technical, coercion, and lastly conscience. A moral solution, such as conscience, is a way to convince individuals, by appealing, questioning, or addressing the reason of the individuals who are caught in the tragedies. This is a change in their personal beliefs towards a particular subject. However, Hardin says that the appeal to conscience rarely works. Hardin says that relying on conscience as a solution to the tragedies of the commons often results in failure. This is because Hardin suggests that using conscience as a solution to a tragedy of the commons only creates selfish individuals. Hardin rejects the solution of conscience because it is only an excuse for us to avoid the hard decisions that are necessary when facing tragedies of the commons. He also says that we must abandon any temptation we may have to appeal to independent actions. 2. “Doctrine of America” America; where its citizens adopt the ideals of freedom, the mentality of equality, and the land of opportunity! Though the journey to get here was not easy, Americans fought and struggled to gain this freedom. The war, pain, and struggle, was worth the cost. Americans fought to not only to preserve this country, but to ensure freedom for generations to come. A life now defined by the bliss, comfort, and safety of its constituents. It is an idea of success that is created by the social, economic, and political systems that govern this powerful country; which are funded by and for the people due to the implementation of taxation. This is the American Dream. This dream defines American citizens. It creates hope, happiness, and prosperity that motivate American individuals. It is the freedom, ... ... middle of paper ... ...where you please! It is a concept that truly illustrates what it means to be an American, free. One idea that both the American ideology and Communism agree on is the idea of taxation. In both situations taxation is the form of funding for the government operations. This is an essential part of what keeps these two forms of government operating effectively. 6. The American ideology and Emerson’s Self-Reliance writing have some similarities. The American ideology focuses on diversity. This means that each person is to express who they are ethnically within the American society. Emerson’s writing titled, Self-Reliance, says that we, as humans, need to be true to ourselves, this has to be done by looking inward. I find this very similar to the view expressed in the American ideology because both views encourage individualism and being true to who you are as a person.

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