Identity: Labeling Leads to Racism

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Labeling Leads to Racism
For years government has labeled society based on their characteristics, social status, and educational level among others. Is it really necessary to label society? People are so used to the norm of being labeled. For example, when one goes and applies for a driver’s license the application asks to check off what ethnicity we are. Do we really need to check off our ethnicity to be able to drive? Society believes it helps identify themselves for who they are and where they come from. If government would do away with the labeling of society for the purpose of identifying, there would not be so much racism in our world.
Racism plays a big role when society is labeled. Racism comes from simply people not liking others just for the simple reason of how they look or where they come from; but we cannot place all the blame on society for being racist. For the most part, it comes from our own upbringing. As children grow, parents instill in them values and beliefs. So if a parent teaches their children to be racist they will learn it and use it as they grow up. “Upbringing is the largest cause of racism”-Anonymous. Even if we allow yourself to get to know some of them, this will always be in the back of your mind” (laurenmay123).
Just because one is of different color, have a big nose, ears, head or any other part of the body that society does not consider normal, society instantly are labels them. Some examples of labeling just because of the way people look are “mentally ill”, “retarded”, “nigger” and so forth. This entire name calling will affect someone’s self-esteem and they believe it to the point where they cannot or will not better themselves. Government labels society because of it characterist...

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... how society can put an end to labeling? Labeling causes so many afflictions in today’s world? It is sad to say that during the times we live in it is impossible to stop this madness. If only society would stand up for what they truly believe and not follow the norm of labeling, it will help ease racism. So government should not label society for the sole purpose of identifying who you are or where you come from based on your characteristics, educational level, and social statues. “It is time we took ownership of our identities” (Godinho). Society needs to take a good look around and realize that we are all equal and the labeling needs to be put to rest.

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