Identity Immigder: The Causes Of Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Dissociative identity disorder, a condition that has plagued and altered the minds of those who were diagnosed for many years, represents the condition in which an individual displays multiple personalities that overpower his or her behavior around others and even alone. Such personalities or identities can have staggering differences between them even being characterized by a disparate gender, race, or age. One of the sides of them can even be animal-like and display feral qualities. Also, the disorder severs the connection between the victim’s sense of identity, emotions, actions, and even memories from their own consciousness. The cause for this is known to be a very traumatic experience that the person had gone through previously and fails to cope with it, thus they dissociate themselves from the memory in order to keep their mental state in one piece. All these results from the disorder do not begin to tell of the rest of the horrors that gnaw away at the affected human. Not only will various personalities show themselves over time, symptoms become very evident through the actions of the individual. At any point, the person could experience depression, suicidal thoughts, mood swings, rituals, compulsions, headaches, amnesia, and become lost in a trance. The affected one may also steer their life in an unhealthy direction; developing eating disorders and abusing their bodies through the use of drugs and alcohol. Self-harm is also a somewhat common tendency stemming from this disorder. Not only will being awake eat away at them, sleep disorders, such as night terrors and sleepwalking, are known symptoms. Certain actions that are never performed by an individual due to their morals could easily be done when he or she is plagu... ... middle of paper ... ...reated but this is untrue as this usually only occurs if the affected person approaches the assistance with little knowledge and uses ineffective or outdated methods. In conclusion, dissociative identity disorder creates different characters or personalities within the affected individual, pushing them away from a traumatic experience that they had gone through as a child, usually before nine years old. Symptoms that can occur include extreme moodiness, depression, drug abuse, and a loss of memory that stretches far beyond anything typical. Also, compulsive urge can cloud the mind of the individual, making them lose all sense of what is moral and practically singles out the chosen action as the only choice they can make in that moment. This disorder is among many that alter the mind and drop the victim into a world of suffering from symptoms and emotional distress.

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