Identity Development Case Study Examples

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Carmen is a 16-year-old girl attending Hollywood Senior High School. She was born on December 10, 1998, which makes her exactly 16 years and 10 months. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall, brown eyes, and black hair. She notes that her hair is naturally dark brown, but she recently dyed it black to cover up the previous bright purple hair dye. She currently at a healthy weight range weighing at 125 pounds. According to her age group, she is below average height. She was wearing black glasses at all times. She was wearing a black Batman t-shirt, tight navy blue jeans, and purple Converse sneakers. Based on the way her peers were dressed, she had control of choosing her own clothing style and color since the school does not require uniforms. Her clothing…show more content…
As soon as she started smiling when she satback down after her presentation demonstrated that her self esteem is high and was proud of her performance. According to Marcia’s approach of identity development, Carmen was identified at the identity achievement stage. During her middle school through her sophomore year in high school, she had explored different identities in relations to her future career plans. During her middle school years, she decided that the medical field was her field. After attending Stem Academy High School for two years, she realised that was not her interest anymore. She is no longer interested in becoming a pediatrician, rather focus on the free expression that is conveyed through arts, crafts and design. She communicated to her parents that she wanted to change to Hollywood High School to no longer be forced to have introductory courses to medicine. After this change, she has demonstrated an improve desire in her…show more content…
At sixteen, she has entered the adolescence stage and entered puberty. She demonstrated normal physical movement and had no signs of any disability that pertained her from adequate physical activity. Both her gross and motor skills were visible in the observation. Her cognitive development is visible, when she is able to think and make fast decisions to problems as they arise. Her cognitive development has reached a point where she no longer views problems in a concrete way but rather think abstractly about them in solutions. The ability to solve problems the last minute and look for solutions make her cognitive development ready for early adulthood. While she was not given a grade right away for her presentation, it was clear in the observation that her overall school performance is at or above normal level. It is inferred though this observation that the child has good communication skills which is something most peers her age can be lacking

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