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Identity, most of us know what it means, but do we know what goes into making an identity? According to the Merriam-Webster, identity is “the qualities , beliefs, etc., that make a particular person or group different from others.” This definition tells us that there are qualities that make up who we truly are and how they differ from others. So examples of identity could be a person 's name, SSN, personality, and fingerprints. These four fall under the definition showing the difference and at the same time some similarities. When people are born, they’re surrounded by their family, especially with their parents. During that whole time they thought of a unique name which they loved and felt was right for their child. This name is given to…show more content…
These fingerprints are unique, difficult to alter, and is durable through a person 's lifetime. These prints are a prime example of human identity, making no two or more humans having the same prints as each individual has their own mark that no one else has. When there is a natural disaster and there are many deaths they usually won’t have the victims family members there to identify them. To identify the deceased, they run their prints to put a body with a name contacting those close to that person. Another example is when someone committed a crime and is taken to jail, then they are fingerprinted. When they scan their prints it will pull up previous records of crimes as they were entered in the database from previous events based solely on their prints. These prints will stay with you till the end and cannot be altered. Identity is many things, things that a list can go on and on about every detail and all the things we do. A person can have multiple identities that relate and differ to others. Creating a list that pertains to that person compared with another would show some amazing results. These qualities is how people know us, whether from the most common identity like names to complex fingerprints. There are points where people are similar, but there is always something separating them, something that is part of their own
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