Identity And Identity In Two Kinds By Amy Tan

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As you walk down the street, you see posters and billboards surrounding that one person you think you may want to be. In a society that is filled to the brim with persuasion and propaganda, it is common that people forget who they are and become someone else. The desire of popularity causes misconceptions and a sense of self that is not sure of itself, leading to the question “Who am I?” Being yourself can come easier than you think just by recognizing that it is you. Not by being someone you see on the billboard, your friends, or who you see on television. Yourself is who you really are. In the story “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan, conflict between a mother and daughter causes identity and individualistic problems. A mother tries to relive her life through her daughter by pushing her to do things she may not be capable of doing. The mother believes that her daughter will have it all in America: success, fame, and wealth. The daughter loses herself and identity by focusing on becoming the person her…show more content…
At the beginning of the story “Two Kinds,” the author displays the misconception the daughter has between herself and becoming the life of her mother. The daughter obeys her mother by doing the tasks given to her, such as, playing the piano, studying academic work, and even becoming an actress. The mother wanted her to become a prodigy, something she was not. The mother was able to control her daughter’s life until she rebelled against her. The daughter began to realize the value of living her own life, rather her mom living it for her. The daughter would not allow her mother or anyone else change her no matter their perceptions of her. She grasped at the her identity and individuality that was flashing before her eyes and came to an understanding that being forced to become someone else can only teach you a lesson on becoming

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