Identifying Knowledge For Practice Assignment

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As part of my Identifying Knowledge for Practice assignment I looked at a situation where I was given the role of leadership. The proficiency from my PAT tool book (Bournemouth University, 2014) that is suited for my episode of care is to; manage uncertain situations by responding autonomously and confidently. I have chosen this incident because I feel that it demonstrated my success in development of managing skills to a situation that I was not expecting. I will analyse the situation I have chosen by using relevant literature, health care models and policies. As a professional it is imperative that you protect all patients’ confidential information and records (NMC, 2008). I shall do this by using pseudonyms, therefore the resident in my situation that I shall be referring to shall be known as ‘Mrs Jones’. I will be using the Rolfe, Jasper and Freshwater reflective model, (Rolfe et al, 2011) to reflect on my incident on placement. An 87 year old lady with Parkinson’s disease, known as Mrs Jones, experienced an unexpected high blood pressure measuring 190/100mmHg. The medical term for this is hypertension (Timby, 2009). My role in this situation was as a student nurse in which my mentor asked me to manage the unforeseen situation. I rang the out of hour’s doctor who told me to monitor her and that if her blood pressure measurement remained the same or increased within the hour then it is in her best interest to have an ambulance called. Mrs Jones did not want to have an ambulance called as she did not feel as if she required one and had a fear of hospitals, although she did give me consent to inform her relatives. When contacting relatives it was required to make sure they knew I was a student and may not be able to answer some ... ... middle of paper ... ... was able to give the support that she needed. During the handover I gave the Qualified Nurse in charge the notes I had made about Mrs Jones’s blood pressure measurements and explained my findings I had discovered from reading Mrs Jones’s care plan so that she was able to transfer this information on to the ambulance service. While taking leadership with this situation I have learnt the priorities that need to be considered and the aspects of care and records that need to be looked at. I have also learnt to use the resources provided which could include vital information and the cause of an incident. Therefore I will take this learning with me onto my next placement, by reading patients care plans in advance so I am aware of some of the medical conditions they have experienced, as this could prevent unnecessary time if I am involved in a serious situation to manage.

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