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Identification of User Community Barristers are highly qualified members of the legal practice who understand and interpret the law. Barristers in independent practice are sole practitioners. Barristers' practice in-groups know as chambers, sharing clerks, essential services and office accommodation, but they remain in competition with each other throughout their careers. Barristers fulfill two closely related functions. The first is Advocacy for an enormous variety of clients in all courts and tribunals. The second is to provide specialist advice in specific areas of law such as criminal, family or commercial law. The Barristers work comes from solicitors and also from other professionals such as accountants, surveyors, and from foreign lawyers. The principal function of barristers is to appear in court and represent clients and plead their cases and advice generally on legal problems. An essential rule of practice that every barrister complies with is that any work that is offered in a barristers field of practice must be accepted if the barrister is free to take it. Related Occupations to a Barrister would be a Lawyer, Crown Prosecution Service, Solicitor, lawyer, Central government, Lawyer, Magistrates court. The Barristers work involves understanding and interpreting the law, mastering briefs, researching points of law, writing opinions and advising solicitors and other professions. In litigation preparing cases, presenting arguments in court, examining and cross-examining witnesses. The key skills common to all barristers is to absorb information quickly, memorising complex facts and working under pressure. The job requires barristers to like dealing with people and helping them with their problems. The le... ... middle of paper ... ...he Internet as a way of transferring information has increased considerably over the years. The best two examples, would be websites run by other law professionals and the regulatory bodies like the Law society which has its site on The second example is via e-mail and various discussion/news groups set up to encourage discussion amongst the profession. All sources are relatively easy to get hold of. Bibliography: Butterworth's legal services and law directory Butterworth's civil litigation service July 1998 Sweet and Maxwell law reference directory Internet - Law Society -- Referral Guide 1998 -- B2 LRC TVU Prospect (HE) CD-ROM -- LRC Careers guidance service The Legal Profession -- GET99 Career Guide -- Barristers --P155
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