Ideas And Archetypes In The Land Of Oz

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Brief thoughts and reactions to Chapter 3 After reading the chapter, the opening scene is vastly different from the movie! In the movie, Dorothy ran away from home and was caught in the cyclone while looking for her aunt and uncle, not standing there in the doorway watching as it formed. Neither did she simply lie down during the storm. A piece of the window, if I am recalling correctly, broke off and hit her in the head, causing her to fall down and witness flying animals, as well as family members, outside her window. The Land of Oz and Dorothy 's time there, is all real in the book, not just an elaborate dream caused from unconsciousness. According to Baum, Oz is just an undiscovered continent that is hidden and surrounded by a harsh desert. One major difference is the shoe color. The ruby red slippers were referred to as being silver in this original excerpt from the story. Also after consulting with parts of the movie, I saw no reference of the Tin Man’s story. I surely don’t remember the story of a limb…show more content…
“The archetype is probably Jung’s most difficult concept. Archetypes are inherited predispositions to respond to the world in certain ways. They are primordial images, representations of the instinctual energies of the collective unconscious” (Frager). The archetypes in Jung’s analysis are the shadow, anima, animus and self. Beginning with the shadow, this to be a person of the same sex but possessing different traits. The Wicked Witch represents the shadow, the dark or unconscious part of the personality that the conscious ego tries to ignore. Along with the witch, her heinous flying monkeys could be categorized into this archetype. The Wicked Witch of the West is a dark, controlling presence who seeks to dominate and control. Any person seen throughout the world could be symbolized by the witch as a foreboding character and one who thought all was right with their plan of action, hence a universal
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