Ideas About Death And The Here After

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Ideas About Death and the Here-after Death is believed to be created by Allah just like life, Death begins a new life; an eternal life. It is the disappearing of the physical body, while the spirit lives on. It is the start of a long wait until the resurrection. The deceased’s grave either becomes a garden in the gardens of heaven or a well in the well of hell. Death is a terrifying experience. There are several events or manifestation that are believed to be omen of impending death, like changes in a person’s psychological structure, meteorological events, and dreams to name a few. Practices at Funerals and Meanings Behind Them When someone dies, professional washers wash their body. They believe that the body must be washed for paradise. They are also lead out with their big toes tied together and their arms by their side, facing Meca. They are wrapped in a white shroud and placed in a coffin that is covered in a green cloth. Their burials are quick and inexpensive. The person will be buried the next day at the noontime prayer. The coffen is carried to the mosque where funeral namaz are performed. The body is then buried on its right side in the shroud without the coffin. Some Legends They have a rich heritage of folktales. Some of them take around 30 hours to recite. A famous character in their stories is Nasreddin Hoca. Some of the folk tales are story about Hoca. For example, one story is about Hoca wondered why Allah did not put the watermelon in the tree instead of acorns. Also in another story, Hoca was asked why he thanked Allah that his donkey was lost and he said that he was glad that he was not riding his donkey at that time or he would have got lost too. Beliefs Regarding Divorce Kemal Atatürk, the man who worked... ... middle of paper ... gold coins to her sash, and put bracelets on her and put money in her basket. After this the bride will usually change her dress. She will wear a traditional red or purple gown that is embroidered with gold. She also wears a red veil. Then there will be a many course dinner and also the “Dance of the Fathers.” There will be the cutting of the cake. Some is cut to eat then and some is packaged to send home with people. The couple will remain there till the celebration is over. They may spend the night in the hotel that is there at the wedding hall. It is called the Nuptial chamber. There is also a ritual that goes with this. An elderly lady will hold the couple’s hand, the groom prays a ritual prayer, and then they can see each other’s face without the veil. The groom gives a present to his wife and then they eat some food that is provided by the bride’s family.
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