Idealism and Its Struggles to Exist

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Idealism is difficult to practice in an everyday setting; it is especially hard in a political sense. This paper will discuss several aspects of idealism and its struggles to exist.
Idealism is the attitude of a person who believes that it is possible to live according to very high standards of behavior [Def. 1]. (n.d.). What does that mean exactly? Idealism is the belief of perfection, living by standards or ideals. Idealists believe that the world is a perfect place and that life is fair for everyone. But the commonly known phrase “life isn’t fair so get used to it” ~Bill Gates tells the truth, that life isn’t perfect or fair no matter how hard anyone tries to make it that way. Idealism in politics is not trying to make the government itself perfect, but to make the policies of government efficient.
In 1789 the French Revolution began. The revolution caused subjects such as science and philosophy to increase. Due to the increase of philosophy idealist such as Gottfreid Leibniz, John Locke, and George Berkeley were able to get people to listen to their ideas and try to follow their ideas through. If the revolution and the increase of learning none of the previously mentioned idealists would have been able to get their ideas across and no one would have tried to execute them.
Idealists in History
Idealism comes from the Greek word ιδέα (idea). Plato was the first known realist and takes the title of father of idealism (William, 1999). Plato was a Greek Philosopher. Plato was a student of Socrates and he taught Aristotle. Plato studied political philosophy, cosmology, theology, and the philosophy of language (Plato, 2014). Plato made idea a technical term in philosophy. According to Plato the visible world...

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