Idea Generation and Development

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Owing to the fact that we were allowed to select any subject matter that interests us, I intended on choosing a theme that I could easily relate to. Eventually, I opted for the theme ‘Emotions’. The main reason behind this decision is that I consider myself highly emotional, and creating a series of work related to my inner emotions is something, which I’ve desired to do for ages.

The theme ‘Emotions’ has always been an interest to me however; I didn’t have any knowledge with regards to it thus far. For this task we had to conduct extensive research on the theme. As a starting point, we were introduced to a time-out research exercise, as to explore the theme within a time limit. Moreover, I used the points listed down as a basis for my research. The first step was to research the essential elements and functions concerning emotions. Subsequently, I explored the psychological, cultural, political and moral aspects of emotions.

To assist me in generating ideas for the final project, I used various thinking tools, which encouraged me to think in depth and help me reflect more with structure. Each of the three thinking tools used during the process enabled me to generate 3 different concepts.

My final concept revolves around two of the major aspects of emotions, the physical and the psychological aspect. I analyzed the relationship between the feeling (psychological aspect) and the reaction (physical aspect) since, I always found it fascinating how we tend to associate emotions with body postures and facial features. Every emotion is represented differently through our bodily functions; therefore I looked into the variety of emotions I possess and how they can be distinguished.

From the physical aspect, I thought of focus...

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...different characteristics taken from the different emotion presented.

For each illustration, I placed a watercolour background to create a certain texture. Two of the illustrations represent my sister being happy and elated. These emotions are quite similar, which is the reason why I used the same person to represent them.

After printing the first illustration (yellow), I realized that the colours were to dark, and the final image became less comprehendible than I expected. Therefore in the others, I replaced the colours with lighter ones.

All in all, I managed to reach my aims in this project. Through the agency of this project, I gained much more knowledge on what causes an emotion, and why do we have feelings. Furthermore, I was able to experiment through traditional and digital media to create my final illustrations, which put in view the theme perfectly.

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