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In the movies, the stories of Wells’s family were told by Ida Wells’s grandson, and historians. Her mother from Virginia and her mother’s sisters were sold as a slaves. In the movie, there is a picture of Ida Wells’s mother with the body full of scars. Wells’s father was also a slave in the plantation. After the war and slavery era end, all young and old people went to school as they were hungry of knowledge. Ida Wells also went to school, and recently, she also asked by her father to read him a newspaper. Ida Wells’s parents were death because of yellow fever when she was 16 years old. Ida Wells was the oldest. Even though she still young, she wanted to keep her family together, and reject the idea from friends and family members to separate …show more content…

However, there was a white club who went against black people. The federal also went against black people, and it back again when black people as subordinates. Ida Wells on her 22 years, she experienced an injustice situation of black people while she ride in a train. She did not keep quite for this situation, but she won for this case and she got some money. What she done was celebrate with all black people around the world. However, the federal refused, and she write down her story and published it through local newspaper and black people’s newspapers. Since then, she found her meaning of her life as journalist. She wrote about racism and …show more content…

Wells started a investigate to find the truth of the situation where black people were lynched by the reason of sexual assault of white women. Wells attended a conference in New York and she hired by a Black Newspaper. She asked to give her testimony by the black club women, where she gave her idea about lynching. She believed that lynching was keeping the negro down, and keep the white people high. Wells build a new strategy for gaining justice by going to England, and she met with important people in there. She also build an anti-lynching organization. And in two decades, there were no lynching happen in Memphis. Wells settling in Chicago and kept writing, especially about sexism and racism. Wells married with the founder of the first black newspaper in the Chicago, and they had children. As she had her family to take care of, she had a divided duty and could not only focus on her writing. She found and build new organization of colored people (NAACP) based on lynching strategy. In her sixties, she came back to the South. In the South prison, she talked with some black people about what happened over there. She also gave them courage to be free and alive, before she came back to Chicago. In her last life, she wrote the autobiography so the young people knew what happen to their grandparents and parents during the reconstruction

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how wells's family stories were told by her grandson and historians. her mother from virginia and her mother’s sisters were sold as a slave. after the war and slavery era ended, all young and old people went to school.
  • Narrates how ida wells wanted to keep her family together, rejecting the idea from friends and family members to separate the kids, each child to one friend or family. she left school to work as a school teacher and moved to memphis.
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