I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia: Personal Narrative

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The Phillies, Cheesesteaks, and Rocky ...OH MY!

From the soft sound of passing cars outside my window....the decadent and delicious peanut butter and chocolate covered Kandy Kakes....the sun beating down on me while I watch the fighting Phillies in Citizen Bank Park; there is no place I would rather be than in Philadelphia. The memories that I hold from my past have been the secret tools I used to make my writing unique. Writers tend to feed off of personal experiences to fuel their writing. That idea has been the cornerstone of my writing process so far this semester. My writing is inspired by what I know and my hometown of Philadelphia has been the linking factor throughout my work.

While Philadelphia did not stand as the focal point of my work, it did provide a nugget of uniqueness to my papers. This little linking piece of my past that I wove into the words of my papers enabled me to connect to the reader as well as make my writing connect back to my past. The following is an example of how I incorporated Philadelphia when relating my own cultural past with the cultural past in the poem “Coca-Cola and Coco Frio” written by Martin Espada: “While Tastykakes is a regional treat that can be found in every Pennsylvania grocery store and gas station, the Coca-Cola logo stands as a world wide symbol recognized in Egypt, France, and almost in every country.” This example illustrates hows incorporating my own past helped connect and improve my writing. I found that writing this semester has come easier to me when I write about what is familiar. This process enabled my writing to contain more depth and connectivity between different subjects.

While I tried to incorporate my hometown into my writing, I also learned that Philade...

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...e about what I knew which was the unpleasant memory of my hometown in the springtime. Philadelphia has become my secret weapon in getting me out of difficult situations in the writing world.

This semester has taught me about the challenges that come with writing, but has given me the tools to overcome them. I learned through trial and error that writing about I know can inevitably help me in connecting my literary ideas to my personal history. The writing processes this year has challenged me to push my writing ability to a new collegiate level. I feel as though that when this course is completed, I will have successfully displayed my improved writing ability. Writing is something that an author should be proud of. My work this semester is indubitably something that I can be proud of. I guess this goes to show...when in doubt, I can always count on Philadelphia.

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