Iconic Photographers: Henri-cartier Bresson

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Wake up on a cold morning staring at the slow whirring ceiling fan with arms crossed behind my head. Flip on the Love Theme from Spartacus recording by Yusef Lateef to fill my world with sounds that spawn a positive creative space in my mind. Brush my teeth in the shower, eat a quick bowl of cereal and sling my camera over my shoulder. Walk through the front door and step onto the sidewalk to wherever my intuition takes me. This would be an example of the beginning of a day filled with the satiation of random curiosities and urges, seeing the world differently by looking at people and objects through a viewfinder. No preconceived ideas or agenda, just the mystery and surprise that runs life. A typical day of street photography for me has been shaped by the life and work of two photographers: Henri-Cartier Bresson and Daido Moriyama. Street Photography is photography that features the human condition within public places, but does not necessarily show the street or urban situations. The focus is on the human touch on our world. It could be the flashing smile of a random passerby in the street or focusing in at the glints of dazzling light striking a metallic staircase. The main point of street photography is stepping outside of your usual area of life and sometimes and walking into situations that can express a similar feeling you received in that simple moment of time. Henri-Cartier Bresson coined a phrase in photography that will be a staple in the art forever-the Decisive Moment. Henri-cartier Bresson was an iconic photographer from France who was considered the father of photojournalism. He birthed photojournalism when he covered the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth for a French weekly editorial Regards. In the... ... middle of paper ... ...ly see certain things that anchor your thoughts and feelings into a scene at the perfect time, and if you are ready you take a photo. It seems so simple but it really is the culmination of your thoughts, feelings, ideas, views and political thoughts. Your background and interests shine through your exposures. These two photographers had a deft hand at capturing that “moment”. They were able to capture beauty by pressing their view of life onto a piece of paper. Before exploring photography, light was just an object that was sometimes here and sometimes not. Now I have learned, through these photographers and my own experiences this semester-that light (physical and metaphorical) is malleable. You can bend, shape and see the light in so many ways-its all up to your eye. These two just found their own way to see the light, and by doing so left a mark around the globe.

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