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2. What are specific signs and symptoms of concern and why? (15pts) Answer: The diagnosis of bipolar I disorder with acute manic phase is made for Ms. IC after rule out medical condition and substance abuse. It is concerning that Ms. IC presents with little sleep for days, also might not consume food or fluids for days, poor judgment and behavior, plus her medical history of mania. Due to dehydration, faulty judgment and unable to meet her own physiologic need as well as to set limits on her own behavior, she is at risk for injury. In addition, her communication patterns (speaking readily and overly talkative), inappropriate dress and amusing behaviors show that she is decreasing defensive coping skills, therefore, she is not in a stable physical and mental status. These signs…show more content…
Are there other healthcare providers that the NP should consider consulting about this patient and why? (15pts) Answer: In this case scenario, Ms. IC’s primary doctor, gynecologist and her psychiatric nurse practitioner or psychiatrist, as well as her caregiver or family members should be contacted by the nurse practitioner in order to gain Ms. IC’s previous medical history and medical managements. The purposes for consulting other healthcare providers are to provide better care and to prevent relapse. The medication adherence is poor due to side effects for the long-term pharmacotherapy. There are 50 percentages of chance that bipolar episodes will reoccur if patients are not incompliance with their treatment in one year (McCarron, Xiong, & Bourgeois, 2009). Therefore, the encouragements and supports from the healthcare providers and families are essential for patients keep on their pharmacotherapy and psychosocial treatments. All healthcare providers should aware patient’s medications to avoid drugs interactions. Referral to a psychiatric mental practitioner, and/or a psychiatrist for assessment and evaluation of CBT and/or other psychosocial therapies for Ms. IC is a flavor

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