Iago’s Deceit

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In the tragedy Othello there is a character named Iago, his main goal is to be at the top. Iago at this point is willing to anything to get to his goal of being lieutenant. So what he does to get where he wants to be is lie to everyone; Othello, Roderigo, Cassio. One should play close attention to how he deceives Cassio. It would be a fair assumption that one could compare Iago to Hitler; due to his way of getting what he wants. Iago is direct but not enough to make the character aware of what he is really up to. He is very good at deceiving people. Iago knows his way around people and uses that skill to get what he wants and where he wants to be.
Iago has a close friend named, Roderigo, he loves Desdemona and wishes she loved him back. Iago starts his scheme by saying “I am not what I am”(I.i.71). This is one of many warnings that Iago gives the people that he schemes against. This warning is telling him that what you see is not what you are going to get. One can also elude from this warning that he will only let you see what he wants you to see. One can see that Iago is clearly going to lie to Roderigo by that single statement. The statement alone should shoot red flags up in anyone’s mind. Once Roderigo gets Brabantio out of bed; Iago says something strange to Roderigo, “Though I do hate him as I do hell, yet, for necessity of present life, I must show out a flag and sign of love”(I.i.171-173). Subsequently warning Roderigo about how he lies to people, Iago expects Roderigo to trust him. Unfortunately Roderigo falls into the trap and trusts Iago. Well along Cassio loses his lieutenancy Roderigo is discombobulated. He begins complaining about things Iago asked him to trust him with; corresponding his money, him getting into a ...

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...he comes back to make Othello “feel better” by coming back and then saying “Let me be thought too busy in my fears as worthy cause I have to fear I am and hold her free, I do beseech your Honor” (III.iii.293-295). Iago lies to Othello and tries to make him feel better by telling think nothing of anything I said. Iago’s plan is now completed because he has everyone at a weak point.
Due to Iago being a good liar, he has gotten everyone in this tragedy to a weak point of no return. Basically to where if he tells any of them to jump; they will basically be like how high. It is sad that in this tragedy from acts one through three the bad guy gets the glory for every bad thing he does and there is absolutely nothing one can say about it because after all how can you prove that Iago has planned this stuff out so efficiently. It leaves one to wonder do cheaters really win?