Iago And Jealousy In William Shakespeare's Othello

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Othello is a soldier fighting in a war against his emotions. In order to win he must defeat his enemies. However, it becomes hard for him to tell who is against him when the “truth” is revealed.
Shakespeare’s famous play Othello begins in Venice. A jealous man named Iago is in an argument with a rich man named Roderigo. They learn that Othello has just married Desdemona. Both of them hate Othello with a passion. Othello does not choose Iago to be his lieutenant which causes Iago to do everything in his power to ruin the life of Othello. Cassio, Othello’s choice for lieutenant, is introduced as a character that Iago uses to take revenge against Othello. He first brings Othello against Cassio by getting Othello to demote him after initiating
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Sanja Merzic explained how jealousy is mainly in the characters of Iago and Othello. It corrupted their lives and changed how they saw others. They share this tragic flaw that gave them misfortune, suffering, and death. Jealousy started to take over Othello’s mind in Act III Scene 3. Cassio speaks to Desdemona for the first time. Iago sees it as the perfect opportunity to make Othello jealous. He plants the seed in Othello’s mind. From then on, the seed spread uncontrollably. His jealousy is totally engulfed in Act IV Scene 1. It turned his thoughts into murder. “How shall I murder him, Iago? For she shall not live; no, my heart is turned to stone…” (178-179). The passion of jealousy, which derives from pride and breeds anger, gradually gains control over Othello and he finally turns into the savage moor that he was at first accused of being (Merzic 90). His own wife and friend become victims of his rage. People thought Iago was a honest man, but he was the opposite. Jealousy uncovered his true self . He is forced to expose his actual personality and Othello transforms into a monster. Jealousy is the theme that is seen throughout the play. It motivates character’s actions for the…show more content…
Gender plays a considerable role between Othello and Desdemona. Bishop states, “He [Othello] is a dominating and powerful man. She [Desdemona] is a dutiful and passive wife” (¶2). Those characteristics come together as an understanding love for one another. Othello feels undeserving of his wife. She is a powerful aristocrat and his is a Moor. Brabantio, Desdemona’s father, disapproves of their marriage. Othello seems to apologize for his love to his daughter. In the time period of the play, a Moor had about the same amount of rights as a woman would have had. Shakespeare chose to write about an integrated marriage. The relationship between Desdemona and Othello is equal because of this. For once the man wasn 't the dominating figure. They married each other willingly without the approval of others.“My love doth so approved him that even his stubbornness, his cheeks, his frowns--have grace and favor in them” (4.3.18-21). Desdemona is blinded by love and remains loyal. The gender roles between Iago and Emilia are much different. They are mismatched. “Iago’s distrust and disdain towards women is apparent in how he treats his wife, calling her foolish and a wench” (Bishop ¶7). Emilia views men as scoundrels who treat their wives poorly. This may be the case for Iago and even her own father. She only knows cruel men, therefore she dislikes them all. Even though they have their
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