Iago And Antihero In Othello

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Lago in my opinion is a standout amongst the most scandalous, devious, villain, I have came across. The way he undermines Othello and Desdemona's marriage is an indication of a genuine lowlife, Lago, a wicked individual unfit to locate the sort of adoration or love Othello and Desdemona had, due to this antihero's demeanor. Iago had an important position in Othello's army and he was extremely trusted by Othello. This made it simple for Iago to control Othello. The way that Othello was deceived was done in an exceptionally tricky way most wouldn't catch. Now assume that this need for revenge spawned from the Jealousy from his relationship between Othello and his wife, but the motive surfaced from Othello simply not choosing Iago for a promotion. Lago has a motive that seems trivial but it really isn’t to himself. This situation triggers the whole plot, which ultimately ruins the one thing Othello loves the most, Desdemona. It Must have been one important promotion or Iago was just a very sinister person by nature, which we can find indeed to be true. Touching on the impact that Iago’s actions had on Othello. As the play shows Othello was not a jealous man by nature. As stated before, as humans we all have a default to be bit of jealous in different situations, but it is also common sense and our natural reaction to pass it off as something that is not healthy to any situation. Jealousy is poison in the manner that if allowed to grow stronger it eventually makes you immune to any kind of rational thought, because all you can think of is the story or scenario you have created, or in Othello’s case the situation that Iago created. Othellos’s jealousy was so bad; when he would have visions of Desmedona cheating on him he would have s... ... middle of paper ... ...Desdemona with one that he created in order to spark Othellos jealousy. I don’t know if I am just going to far looking for connections but it makes sense to me that Shakespeare may have know all of this when picking names for his characters. All and all the name Iago when mentioned to me from now on will always remind me of this one of a kind villain who ruined one of the purist versions of love that I have ever read about. He single handedly played a key role in one of the most tragic endings to a love stories I have come across. Since reading this story I definitely took a minute to reflect and think about how dangerous it is to let jealousy rule your life and how it has, in this case catastrophic results. I will personally not look at jealousy the same from this day forward and will make sure I think long and hard about how I interpret situations without a doubt.

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