ITHotels in Europe

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ITHotels in Europe


The future, what is that. What will happen when the inhabitants of our globe start travelling and ask for connections to the world? Connections that will provide us with information about the world and the place we are visiting? What will happen when people ask for better evacuation alarms in our hotels and what will the digital TV give us. With a digital TV, we mean a television that is intelligent, the only thing we need to do is program the television and the digital electronic chip will figure out the rest for us. We will feed the TV with the information we want and it will automatically display them on the TV screen in a way that will be the best to you. It is in the specification that a single channel of digital television can have as many as 1,024 different programs, but they don't all have to be TV. It might be radio, computer signals or telephone signals.

Can we in the hospitality industry offer all this? YES WE CAN. To remain competitive in business today, every organization needs to adopt new technology as it develops. As businesses become increasingly dependent on this new technology. Hotels called IT Hotels (information technology hotels) are under growing pressure to design and implement systems that provide greater business benefits. When a hotel adopts the new technology or Internet based-solutions, it has widespread implications throughout the organisation. The hotel might require a whole new set of skills to manage a completely new way of doing business. Whether the hotel implements an Extranet to integrate its supply chain or an Intranet to manage the flow of internal information, the new technology will create both opportunities and challenges for every IT-Hotel. The story behind IT-Hotels is their need for connections to the world and the publics’ demand for access to the world wherever they are.

A certain amount of confusion has arisen over the meaning of an “IT Hotel”. Guests wonder what this means and in certain cases even “ordinary” hotels have called themselves IT-Hotels. The time when a well-furnished hotel room consisted only of a chair, a bed, a table and a lamp is over. For this reason the term IT-Hotels is here to give us a new meaning of what a well-furnished hotel room is. IT-Hotels will offer the hotel guests the means of using analogue connections, digital connection (ISDN) telephones and data communications, as well as network connections to the Intranet and Internet.
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