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IT Equipment


A quote from a PC World magazine on "The Digital Future" said, "in the future,

people will live twice as long, computers will die twice as fast" 1. As computer technology

continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate, information technology (IT) equipment

waste is becoming an increasingly significant portion of the solid waste stream.

Information Technology equipment waste is receiving increased attention for the

following reasons:

§ Rapid advances in technology result in IT equipment becoming obsolete at an

increasingly rapid pace. This is resulting in an increase in the rate and quantity of IT

equipment entering the waste stream;

§ A piece of IT equipment was, or is typically of high value, both in terms of its

component parts and the equipment itself;

§ IT equipment commonly contains toxic materials, which are hazardous if not

managed properly.

This project provides a broad overview of how such products are

handled and to estimate the amounts of these products and materials that will enter the

waste stream in the next few years.

The specific waste streams addressed include:

· personal computers,

· monitors,

· laptop computers,

· peripherals (e.g., printers, scanners),


This section will address the generation and flow of computer equipment waste

from both residential and IC&I sources in Canada. The types of computer equipment

addressed in this project and discussed in this section include:

- Computers (personal computers, servers);

- Monitors;

- Laptop computers;

- Printers;

- Note-pads/note-books, and;

- Peripherals (scanners, modems, keyboards et...

... middle of paper ...

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