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The Internet brings with it a remarkable change to the way in which we communicate and not to mention the overwhelming opportunities. No matter how you describe the phenomenon, it has entered in the mainstream of the communication industry. The vanguard of this dramatic entrance to the communication industry has been the Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Ten of thousands of these enterprises already exist all over the world. Some ISPs are small enterprises, servicing a local neighborhood. Other ISPs are very large enterprises, which change hands for sums in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Just like the business industry, not all companies survive. So with that in mind, past, present, and future issues are important aspects that should be carefully looked over to insure a stable company. Furthermore, constructing an ISP can be done in many ways, but some technology and business issues that are present can be beneficial to the ISP.

The Internet is undoubtedly the unintended outcome of the initial research objectives articulated by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States Department of Defense in the late 1960's.

The Internet is now a network that, in January 1998, serves some 30 million connected computers. These systems are serviced by more than 30,000 Internet service providers across the world, predominately operating on a commercial basis as a service provider. The ISP business now includes the participation of the telephone service providers across the globe, as well as the active participation of medium and small business enterprises. Their services range from the mass marketing of simple access products to intensive operations that provide specialized service levels to more localized Internet markets.

Exponential growth of the Internet continues. Annual growth rates of the number of connected host systems range from 63 percent per year in Europe, 90 percent in North America, and 111 percent in Africa. The number of users, the number of connected systems and the volume of traffic on the Internet continue to exhibit exponential growth. This growth probably will not continue in the long run, but at this point new applications continue to fuel the Internet, such as electronic commerce.

A number of factors often prevent a final step into the commercialization of the academic and research network.
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