ISO 9000 between year 2004- 2014

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Contents 1.1 Graph of number journal related to ISO 9000 between year 2004 - 2014 1 2.0 Certification of ISO 9000 4 3.0 Journal review 6 4.0 Conclussion 9 References 1.1 Graph of number journal related to ISO 9000 between year 2004- 2014 The graph shows the number of studies related to ISO 9000 between the years 2004-2014. Total were collected randomly from a samples of related journal accessible from e- resources by library Sultanah Bahiyah. Based on the result, year 2004 and 2006 recorded the highest number of studies related to ISO 9000 which is a 4 each years. On 2005, no record found that have any research related to ISO 9000. Then, on years 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2014, only one studies or journal which is related to ISO 9000. But for 2014, the number of research might increase because there is a first quarter for 2014. Besides, 2012 and 2013 shown the similar number of research which three for both year. The last is two research in 2009 and 2007. Clues 1) Standard & Innovation Authors : Giovanni Mangiarotti, Cesara A. F. Riillo (2014) 2) Quality product Authors : Paul Blessner, Thomas A. Mazzuchi, Shahram Sarkani (2013) 3) Strategic Orientation Authors : Efthacia Dimara, Dimitris Skuras, Kostas Tsekouras, Stavros Gautsos (2004) 4) Training & development Authors : Hesan A. Quazi, Ronald. L. Jacobs (2004) 5) Customer Perception Authors : Laura Martinez Caro, Jose Antonia Martinez Garcia (2009) Petros A. Kostagialos, Maria B. Kitsiou (2008) 6) Supply Chain Authors : Maurizio Bevilacqua, Filippo Emanuela Ciarapica, Giancarlo Giancchetta, Barbara Marchetti (2013),Danial Prajogo, Baofeng Huo, Zhaojun Han (2012) Ismat Thaver,... ... middle of paper ... ...: a continuous improvement approach by Mile Terziorski, Damien Power (2007). The research is about the relationship between motivation for seeking ISO 9000 certification, quality culture, management responsibility and perceived benefits derived from ISO 9000 certification. 4.0 Conclussion Implemented ISO 9000 is a tools to be more competitiveness, excellent based on quality performance and provide an efficiency in documentation. ISO 9000 is applied from the planning, implementing, and controlling. This is the perfect guidelines for those new company or either the company that want to make a move in their performance. References Emerald Insight. (2014). Retrieved April 27, 2014, from Emerald group publishing limited:

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