IS torture ever justfied

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The use of torture in Guantanamo Bay and the Abu Ghraib created much controversy in the United States. Abuse from Abu Ghraib prison ignited worldwide outrage after new revelations was revealed of prisoner abuse. During the war in Iraq, an army general was suspended from duty after investigations of reported prisoner abuse. According to PBS, during October and December of 2003, investigator found numerous evidence of prisoner’s abuse that occurred in Abu Ghraib. Abuse that was conducted by army officers, abuse such as raping, pouring water onto a naked prisoner, sexual assault, waterboarding, and other sexual abuses. Other examples of abuse are diffidently head-turning. . But when does the use of torture in interrogation cross the line, in violating human rights? Or the use of torture justify the fact to save millions of lives are risky. Is when Torture ever Justified Reports of different types of torture, such as physically, sexually, and psychologically abuse, are often used to describe the method uses. But what makes people act in the position role. This is called social roles: Social Roles can be defined as the pattern behavior that an individual is expected to act, when is put into a particular role. For example, the Stanford prison experiment—The Stanford experiment was used to reveal the influence of a social roles. The influence of social role is a very scary thing. For those who do not know the Stanford Experiment, here is a summary. Social Psychologist, Philip Zimbardo’s conduct an experiment where it was abruptly ended; About 70 young men, most who were in college, participate in the experiment for two weeks. Each individual were assigned a position, a guard or a prisoner. “Guards”, were given uniforms and were orde... ... middle of paper ... ...t the information out of the individual; what would you do. Second, does immoral action can be justified? Where do we draw the line on immoral action, when human lives at stake? When a possibly that the individual can say anything to stop the torture. There are other scenarios where tortures are justifiable. Such as a child is locked away somewhere, with little time to live. Whether or not, torture is ever justified in society. WE must consider the consequence that goes along both sides. It is thought often, the United States is a place where moral are set in place. But with Abu Ghraib reason treatment and guarantor bay incident; individual perspective have been changed towards a negative road. Either way you look at this, torture feed into the profaned of terrorist. But let consider this, what are the consequence of torturing an individual into giving information.

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