IPv6 and You

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The internet is a relatively new system, and like all systems it occasionally needs to change to properly function and anticipate difficulties in the future. In this case it would be the aging IPv4 internet protocol and its inability to meet the coming demands. The internet is growing larger, and larger everyday, and IPv6 will assure that it can grow even larger; larger than comprehension. A Cisco report (T. Hain) expects available IP address to run out within 4-5 years. In order for the internet to continue to grow, and acquire new domains a transition to this new protocol is necessary. It was created specifically for this issue, it is almost invisible to most users and it offers unprecedented potential to companies and people who currently lack internet access.

When IPv4 was first designed in 1981, the engineers who made it had no idea how popular it would become and probably would have issues even fathoming that they would ever fear running out of 4 billion address. However the internet became massively popular and the number of allocated address is getting closer and closer to that once unfathomable amount. That is where IPv6 comes in. It was officially defined in the December of 1998 by the Internet Engineering Task Force, unfortunately though it remains relatively unused compared to IPv4, a Google report in 2008 stated that it was at less than 1% in worldwide deployment. Both protocols are used by websites so they can be found and accessed by people wanting to visit. When someone types “” into a web browser the browser takes that and sends it to a domain name system (DNS) server which looks up the actual IP address of the website which will look something like “” This is the actual address of that ...

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