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ABSTRACT Youngsters these days are one of the most profitable target markets for the companies. The companies are therefore analyzing the different factors that affect the brand choice and purchase intensions of this group. Young consumers might get affected by their friends, family, brand price, advertising, sales point, brand quality and their attitude. The aim of this study is therefore to examine the influence of these factors on brand choice of teenagers and young adults by considering the mobile phone industry. It is depicted from the study that out of seven considered factors, friends have the most influence on the brand choice of youngsters while purchasing a mobile phone. Keywords— Brand choice, Teenagers, Young adults SECTION-I INTRODUCTION Teenagers and young adults are now a days one of the most attractive and appealing market segments for the companies. It is one of the growing markets of today’s world as teens and young adults are now indulging themselves more into the consumption activities. This kind of youth market come across many brands while buying the products from which they have to make their choice .As we know that youngsters are frequently motivated by the various factors and due to emergence of youth market, the research on affecting factors have become important. These factors influence their consumption patterns; this study is therefore designed to examine the different factors that affect the brand choice of teenagers and young adults from age 17-25 while buying a mobile phone. The youngsters would be then divided into two age groups; late teenagers from age 17-19 and the young adults of age 20-25.Hence, the study would be also examining whether there is a significant d... ... middle of paper ... ....(2008). Impact of T.V Advertisements on Buying Pattern of Adolescent Girls. Journal of Social Science, 16(1), 51-55 . Roth, Martin S. (1992). Depth versus breadth strategies for global brand image management. Journal of Advertising, 21, 25-36. Sidin,S.,Rahman,K.,Rashid,A.,Othman,N., & Abu Bakar.Z.(2008). Effects of social variables on urban children’s consumption attitude and behavior intentions. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 25(1), 7–15. Spero,I.,Stone,M.(2004). Agents of change: how young consumers are changing the world of marketing. Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 7( 2) ,153-159. Wernerfelt, Birger (1990).Advertising content when brand choice is a signal. Journal of Business, 63 (1), 91-98. Xeu,F.(2008). The moderating effects of product involvement on situational brand choice. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 25(2), 85–94.


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