IESE Application Essay for Ph. D in Management

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After graduation, I accepted the position of Graduate-In-Training in Coca-Cola Nepal out of curiosity. Little did I know then that this job would help me understand what I really want for myself. Working at Coca-Cola provided me with ample opportunities to understand the management and functioning of multinational companies. However, I always found myself looking for challenges in the field of management that were more intellectual than managerial. As I realized I might be a good candidate for a career in academia, I accepted the position of visiting lecturer of Statistics at Thames International College, Kathmandu. Working with students, igniting intellectual curiosity and helping them grow academically was an amazing experience and I anticipate continuing this in the future. I, therefore, want to pursue my interest in management but in an academic setting by obtaining a Ph.D. degree from IESE with a specialization in Economics and Financial Management.
During my undergraduate studies at Smith College, I equipped myself with various theoretical courses in Economics and Econometrics. Concurrently, I also focused on taking rigorous classes in Mathematics and Statistics. After realizing the importance of empirical tools in economic research, I enrolled in the prestigious and challenging General Course program at the London School of Economics (LSE) where I took proof-based advanced Econometrics and Mathematical Statistics. Therefore, through the courses I took during my undergraduate years, I have established a strong analytical and quantitative background required to be a successful Ph.D. candidate in Management at IESE Business School.
While learning the techniques, I also devoted my time undertaking various research projects in b...

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...ce will definitely provide a stimulating academic environment. Hence, I strongly believe that IESE will provide an ideal climate to facilitate my personal development as an academic researcher.
I am aware about the perseverance, commitment, and resilience that the Ph.D. program at IESE demands. During my academic career at Smith College, while balancing a rigorous course load, residence life staff job, internship, and leadership positions, I also learned to manage my time while maintaining a high-level of productivity and commitment. I thrive in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment, a quality that has been tested and proven as a student. Moreover, economic research and career as a Professor appeals to me and I enjoy the challenges that they provide. Thus, I am confident that my motivation and aptitude makes me a perfect candidate for Ph.D. in Management at IESE.
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